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Maira Kettunen and Communications Officer Jussi Vuoti participated Hanhikivi 1 - Open doors day at Pyhäjoki in September.

Maira Kettunen moves on after ten years at Fennovoima

After ten years at Fennovoima, Communications Director Maira Kettunen, has decided to move on to new challenges. She will leave the company at the end of September. It’s too early to talk about the next step in her career.

- I have really enjoyed my 10 years at Fennovoima. I have had the opportunity to help build Fennovoima since the very beginning together with many stakeholder groups. I feel that my team and I have managed to change how communications is done in the nuclear sector, Maira says. 

Maira has witnessed how the municipality of Pyhäjoki has evolved over the years. The close cooperation with the people in the municipality has been the best part of the job.

- I will really miss going to Pyhäjoki and interacting with the people there. I have often been asked how often I have to visit Pyhäjoki. I always respond by saying that I don’t have to, I get to go there. The project has had its ups and downs, but in Pyhäjoki I’ve always felt welcomed, Maira concludes.

Fenno People

Fenno People

My place: Paavola

Local towns and municipalities are getting ready for the influx of Fennovoima employees. Our video series describes what the everyday life of the employees is like in Pyhäjoki and the neighboring areas.

Fenno People

You cannot ski without snow

Fennovoima and the Finnish Ski Association want to protect Finland’s snowy winters. The partners will arrange family skiing events in Oulu and Pyhäjoki next March and April.

Fenno People

The usual story?

Fennonen has been renewed. Heidi Laikari, editor-in-chief, tells about the online magazine reform in her blog.